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Product #MG11H2020
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Enjoy cripsy food in minutes as the grill function works to evenly distribute heat to the food reducing cold spots and allowing you to brown and crisp your food on the outside while maintaining a juicier inside.

  • 1.1 cu. ft. Oven Capacity
  • 1000 Watts Microwave Cooking Power
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior
  • 10 Power Levels
  • Various Cooking Mode
  • Weight/Serving Control
  • 2 Stage Cooking
  • Auto Cook Plus
  • Auto Defrost
  • Grilling Element
  • High Rack
  • Ceramic Plate
  • Oven Cavity: 1.1 cu. ft.
  • Power Output: 1000 W
  • Power Consumption: 1600 W/14.5 A
  • Power Source: 120 V/60 H
  • Control Method: Electronic
  • Display: LED (Ice Blue) Display
  • Cooking Control: 10 Power Levels
  • Cooking Timer: Digital, up to 99 Minutes, 99 Seconds
  • Microwave Distribution System: Turntable
  • Outside Net Dimensions:20  3/8″ x 11  11/16″ x 15  13/16″
  • Weight: 38.6 lbs.
  • DE74-20015G   Glass Tray
  • DE97-00136E   Wire Rack
  • OM-MG11H2020CT Owners Manual
  • 4713-001102   Lamp
  • DE96-00422E   Harness
  • DE67-00181A   Coupler
  • DE94-02809B   Door
  • DE64-02562A   Button
  • DE31-00063A   Blade Fan

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