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Product #XMGS4
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The XM-GS4 4-channel amplifier is engineered to enhance every track—including High-Resolution Audio files—thanks to an ultra-wide frequency range that extends up to 100 kHz.

  • 4/3/2 Channel Amplifier


  • 4 channels of dynamic sound
  • 4 Channel Stereo Output
  • 2 Channel Stereo Output
  • Fine detail across the whole spectrum
  • Premium circuitry for optimum performance
  • Low and high pass filters
  • Input Flexibilty


Max. Channel Power Configuration at 4 ohm: 150 W x 4

Gold Plate Connections: Yes

  • Input: Speaker level input: Yes
  • Line in: Input sensitivity(V): 0.3-6
  • Load capability: 1ohm/2ohm: No / Yes
  • MOSFET: Output stage/Power supply: No / Yes
  • Subsonic high pass filter: Yes


Amplifier main

  • Channel configuration: 4ch/3ch/2ch
  • High Pass Filter: 50-300Hz (Variable)
  • Low Pass Filter: 50-300Hz (Variable)
  • Slope : High Pass Filter: 12dB/oct
  • Slope : Low Pass Filter: 12dB/oct



  • At 2ohm: 175W x 4
  • At 4ohm: 150W x 4
  • At 4ohm-BTL: 350W x 2


Rated/THD(14.4V, 20Hz-20kHz)

  • At 2ohm: 80W x 4 / 1.0% (1kHz)
  • At 4ohm: 70W×4/1.0%
  • At 4ohm-BTL: 160W×2/ 1.0% (1kHz)

Dimensions: 272 × 51 × 202mm

Weight : 5.95 lb



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