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Product #CTM7102
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Blindspot monitor features a 7.0 Inch TFT Color LCD display that is easily installed by mounting on the dash, in the dash or on the ceiling. All the control circuitry is contained in the monitor for ease of installation.

  • LCD Size: 7″
    Resolution: 480×3 (RGB) x234
    Contrast: 500:1
    Brightness: 400cd㎡
    Viewing Angle: U:50°, D:70°,R/L 70°
    Video Input: 2
    Audio Input: 2
    Trigger Signal: 1
    Waterproof: Not Applicable
    Power Voltage: 12-24v
    Operation Temp: -20C° ~ +70C°
    Video Format: NTSC / PAL
    Sun Visor: Yes
    Bracket / Stand: Yes
    Speaker: 0.5W/50Ω
    Antenna: Not Applicable



7G Shock Rating
Built‐in single/dual control box function
Rear view monitor supports 2 camera inputs
Single View / Triggered
7 languages OSD display
PAL/NTSC optional, MIRROR/NORMAL image optional
Automatically turn on when the reversing gear is engaged
Trigger priority: CAM 1>CAM 2>
With high‐low voltage protection and short circuit protection
Auto‐Trigger to Reverse camera on/off
Integrates with (ODSS) Obstacle Detection Sensor System
System capable of interfacing with GPS System
System capable of interfacing with Scale System
Night Vision Distance goes out to 45 Feet



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