Bose Product Demonstrations at RVIA 2014

Written By: Steven Bollero Jr.

At the recent RVIA national trade show in Louisville, Mike Edwards with Bose setup a demonstration room with the audio powerhouse’s latest offerings. The “listening room” was busy with attendees receiving a demo of the five new products. With their new product offerings, Bose has made it easier than ever to bring “a roomful of sound, not speakers” to RV-specific applications. If you missed a chance for a demonstration in Louisville, get in touch with RiverPark for a chance to experience Bose’s new product line for yourself.


Solo 15Bose Solo® 15

Improved in every way including a larger for a more powerful sound field. Includes a bass control knob to crank it up or tone it down. Side firing speakers allow for a more home-theater like surround experience. Bose has also added a full-size universal remote providing much greater utility than the previous version’s four button companion. Lastly, the increased depth and width provide a sturdier base for larger televisions.




Bose CineMate15

Bose CineMate® 15

I’m not one for using overzealous intensifiers but the sound produced by the 12” bar is utterly, absolutely, and quite simply incredible. The bar has all the audio inputs necessary, a powerful subwoofer, and a universal remote to run everything in your setup. The biggest plus of this model, is the small form-factor. In the past, 32” was the smallest widely available size. Now, thanks to Bose, you have a number of options without sacrificing audio quality.



Bose CineMate® 120

The jump from the Cinemate 15 and its 12” bar to the Cinemate 120 and its 17” bar provides much more than larger sound. The subwoofer is as strong as it’s little brother but comes in a smaller, wireless form-factor. I can be placed anywhere within 30’ of the console. Also, the added functionality of a control console provides HDMI source management and the ability to utilize Bose’s SoundTouch streaming platform.



Cinemate 130Bose CineMate® 130

The flagship of Bose’s sound bar lineup, the Cinemate 130, should look familiar if you’ve followed Bose products in the past. Bose took the rock-the-house 1SR system and added a number of additional features. A control console for HDMI source selection, an updated universal remote, the ability to work with Bose SoundTouch, and finally, the ability to work with Bluetooth devices. There was no need to reinvent the wheel in regards to one of the best audio components smart money can buy.


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