KVH Debuts In-Motion Satellite Antenna

KVH Industries has introduced the TracVision A9, a compact, low-profile satellite TV antenna designed to provide vehicles in the United States with on-the-go access to satellite TV programming, including DirecTV channels and DISH Network high-definition channels, according to a news release.

The new 5-inch-high system from KVH, a leading provider of in-motion satellite TV systems for 20 years, is designed to meet the needs of vehicles with height restrictions, such as luxury SUVs, family minivans, charter coaches, and emergency vehicles.

The low-profile antenna uses KVH’s patented hybrid phased-array antenna technology, and is capable of tracking DirecTV and DISH Network satellites so that passengers may watch a wide range of satellite TV programming while on the road in the continental U.S.

The A9’s integrated GPS is designed to enable fast satellite acquisition. In addition, the system’s single-cable design – just one cable instead of separate coax and power cables – addresses the need for fast and easy installation.

“The TracVision A9 enables emergency first responders to receive critical breaking news information that can help them do their work,” Martin Kits van Heyningen, KVH’s CEO, said. “In addition, it makes it possible for passengers on SUVs, charter buses, sports team buses, and many other types of vehicles to watch their favorite TV programming while on the road.”

One of the most innovative features of the TracVision A9 is the IP-enabled TV-Hub with a web-based user interface designed to provide system access from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer.

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